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Top Attractions & Things to Do

The Kitsap Peninsula is home to a vast array of amazing attractions and destinations for visitors and residents of all ages. If you’re looking forward to exploring this picturesque region, here are some incredible places and activities to check out:

Water activities

The Kitsap Peninsula Water Trails is part of the National Water Trails System, officially designated by the US Department of the Interior back in 2014. The area is a paradise for anyone who loves water-related activities, as nearly any type of activity is available, including fishing, boating, standup paddle boarding, scuba diving, and enjoying relaxing strolls along beaches and piers.

For more info, take a look at the official website of the Kitsap Peninsula National Water Trails, which contains an Interactive Access Point Map.

Parks and trails

Nature lovers can enjoy vast acres of open spaces, forested lands, and wildlife habitats, which are open throughout the year. You can relax and enjoy a picnic at some of the many public parks, go on an unforgettable hiking adventure, or sleep under a canopy of stars by pitching a tent at some of the many camping spots.


Take a trip to several picturesque family farms located around Puget Sound. Many of the farms in the area are open to visitors, offering tours that allow you to see the animals and purchase freshly harvested local produce. Farms in Kitsap Peninsula are supported by land trusts, local advocates, and farmers who work closely together to enhance the quality and increase the supply of locally grown produce.

Read about the local farms, farm stands, and farmers markets in the area by taking a look at Visit Kitsap Peninsula’s Agritourism Online Map & Guide.


The Kitsap Peninsula is home to an abundance of growers, farmers, and producers, which mean food and drinks in local dining establishments are made with fresh ingredients. Being surrounded by water, the Peninsula also offers the best varieties of fresh seafood.

If you’re looking for some fantastic recommendations to try out, check out Visit Kitsap Peninsula’s Dining section.

Wine tasting

Wine enthusiasts can check out a wide selection of world-class vineyards and wineries. Many of the wineries in the area have 90+ scores, and have won numerous national awards including gold medals from the Cascadia Wine Competition and the Seattle Wine Awards.

If you’d like to visit some of the best wineries and vineyards in areas like Bainbridge Island, take a look at this page.

Live music

If you’re looking for live bluegrass, jazz, and rock and roll performances, the Kitsap Peninsula features plenty of great live music venues. Many of the local music venues around the area have played host to award-winning musicians from around the country, as well as from different parts of the world.

Some of the popular live music venues include Brother Don’s, Olalla Community Club, and Manette Saloon.

Attend an event

Residents look forward to a spectacular lineup of fun events and celebrations each year, including food bazaars, art festivals, and cultural events. Find out more about some of the most anticipated events in the area by taking a look at this page.